Bridge and Navigational Assessments

A ship's bridge

Bridge Team Management and Resources

Nathan Mills Marine provides a full range of practical maritime consultancy services including conducting bridge, navigation and safety assessments for all maritime sectors. I am an accomplished large ship handler, navigator and safety officer. I can assist in polishing bridge teams in their arrivals and departures and give them a greater understanding of Bridge Team Management (BTM) and Bridge Resource Management (BRM).   

I was taught navigation by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service prior to the role-out of GPS and ECDIS.  I pride myself on being able to implement old school techniques with new school technology.  I have passed on my knowledge to the younger generation and have tried to instil a more practical and traditional approach rather than solely relying on electronic navigation.  

My method of teaching is to give positive feedback and constructive criticism to Deck Officers and give them confidence in their decision making.  I aim to improve their watchkeeping, passage planning and ship handling.  I concentrate on communication and problem solving, while keeping a positive spin in my instructions.  

I believe that there is no preferred psychological profile for any Deck Officer, but with good communication techniques and utilising a person’s own unique characteristics, I can assist them in maximising their own potential.

By conducting this type of service the owner gains a more competitive edge and the insurer can sleep well at night.