Hurricane Emergency Preparedness for Resorts and Hotels

Hurricane Management for Resorts and Hotels

Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean over St. Maarten

I will provide the knowledge and experience required for the planning, preparation, fighting, survival and aftermath of hurricanes. I work with hotels, resorts and businesses in order to prevent loss of life, severe accidents and to minimize damage to property and the environment. Basic training will include:


  • Fire fighting 
  • Emergency crowd control
  • Crisis management 
  • Damage control
  • Team building
  • Hurricane understanding

Case Study - Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Damage to a building

I was employed by the Maho Group based in Sint Maarten as their hurricane preparedness consultant approximately 6 days before hurricane Irma hit. I was proud to command a team that led 375 guests and staff to safety without a single injury or death. This included the full and successful set up of a hurricane centre for guests and staff to take refuge during the hurricane and ensuring the health, safety, sanitation and general well being for all persons for 3 days post Irma until evacuation from the island was possible. 

Hurricane Irma was a category five hurricane and is considered the worst natural disaster to hit Sint Maarten. Hurricane Irma had sustained winds speeds of 220mph gusting up to 300mph.

A Free Guide to Hurricane Management

After my experience of hurricane Irma I have put together a guide (download below) to provide the following:

  • A methodology for planning and preparing for a hurricane. 
  • Identify the known hazards and establish and implement controls. 
  • To help monitor hurricane movement and assess the likelihood of impact. 
  • An organisational structure and support system. 
  • How to effectively communicate to guests, staff, external organisations and the media. 
  • The importance of building external relationships with other hotels, resorts, other organisations and local and national governmental bodies. 
  • The importance of staff certification, training and drills.  
  • Hurricane equipment, stores and provisions. 
  • Prepping the hurricane centre/shelter and surviving the hurricane. 
  • The importance of sanitation and hygiene. 
  • The steps required to maintaining a refuge and evacuating guests and staff. 
  • A basic overview of the psychological effects of experiencing a natural disaster. 

This guide is an overview and does not go into in-depth detail on every single point. It is to be used as a ‘best practice only’ guide.  It does not contain or follow any local, national or international statutory or regulatory requirements.  


If in any doubt as to planning and preparation for hurricanes, readers are advised to contact their local and/or national authority .

Hurricane Management Guide for Resorts, Hotels & Businesses