Marine Consultant and Expert Witness

Captain Nathan Mills

Marine Consultant and Expert Witness

I have been in the maritime industry for 28 years. Having sailed on many different vessels I am experienced in nearly all maritime sectors.  As a Marine Consultant, I provide detailed and confidential technical reports for lawyers, P&I clubs, insurers and third-party interests for claims disputes.  

My reports are high quality, credible, reliable and will stand up in tribunal and the high court. I am proud to have been appointed to some of the most high-profile cases and I have a wealth of experience in giving evidence in complex disputes.

I undertake speed and consumption, collisions, groundings, cargo damage, Charter party disputes etc.

My CV / resume below highlights my skill sets with regards to maritime consultancy and expert witness work. 

Sample of Cases Undertaken 2019 - 2020

Ship Type - Geographical Area - Incident

  • Chemical Tanker - South Sea of Korea - Collision
  • Bulker - Singapore Straits - Collision
  • Bulker - Singapore - Soya Bean contamination
  • Bulker - Louisiana - Sensitive Cargo contamination
  • General Cargo - United Kingdom - Salvage
  • Cruise Ship - South America - Fatality
  • Container Ship - Egypt - Cargo damage
  • General Cargo - Mauritania - Safe Port issue
  • Bulker - Alaska - Speed and Consumption dispute
  • LO/LO - Caribbean - Sinking
  • Passenger - North America - Sinking & Salvage
  • Bulker NYPE - Speed and Consumption Dispute

Collision damage to a tanker

Collision damage to a tanker

Curriculum Vitae

Captain Nathan Mills CV (pdf)