Maritime Auditor

A container ship

I am a qualified 9001 ISO External and Internal Lead maritime Auditor.  I have conducted maritime ISM audits on behalf of owners, technical managers and charterers for both the wet and dry maritime sectors.  

The key to a successful and clean maritime record is the effective implementation and verification of a (safety) management system. I provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to plan and pass ISM, ISPS and MLC audits and verification.

All management systems must be audited on a regular basis to assess their effectiveness in achieving acceptable standards and to identify points for improvements. In order for the internal audits to be of maximum benefit to the company these must be conducted by person’s who have received adequate training and passed recognized certification.

As charterers and claims handlers are concentrating more on the record of the vessel it is important that owners and underwriters understand that a clean bill of health gives assurance and provides confidence that the duty of care is without question, particularly when disputes arise.

Reducing risk brings stability and helps increase yield, and further eliminating non-conformities and observations maintains an efficient and cost-effective operation. Claims of unseaworthiness on the back of non-conformities and even detention are problematic and can lead to a loss of apportionment or even worse reverse the outcome.

I will undertake all your maritime auditing requirements so you can rest assured and have confidence in the vessel.